Bison, snow thrower, has researched and developed in Japan. Since Japan has wide spread area from north to south, each area has totally different types of snow. In Hokkaido, it has powder snow that is lighter and hard to be packed. On the other hand, Tohoku area by Japan Sea side, it has moisture heavy snow. In order to have a reliable performance anywhere in Japan, we have chosen Myokou city of Niigata, Yokote city of Akita, and Furano city of Hokkaido as test area which have three main characteristic of snow in Japan and we have tested “Bison” for three years.

Accumulated mass test data is reflected to the production of Bison.
The sales of “Bison” snow thrower have started both in Russia and in the countries in Europe since 2012. The sales of “Bison” snow thrower have stared in Japan since 2013. The knowhow from the locations around the globe has been condensed into Bison.