Design“Arigato(=Thank you)” into the soul of Bison.
Monolith Inc. has started to develop snow thrower since 2010. We have started to snow thrower project from the thoughts of building a product that can be helpful and ease people’s life in the snow area.

Here in Tokyo where our company has located, we have experienced a few snowfalls within a year. At the time of snowing, even a few centimeter of snow on the ground causes total chaos. In comparison, in the heavy snow area, more frequent snow continue to fall during winter season that is immeasurable hard work for the people in the area.
Considering the fact the level of hard work for the people in snow area during the winter, we could call snowfall is one of natural disaster.

How wonderful to take away some burden from the people who clears snow each and everyday using their precious time during the winter.
Our greatest object is to introduce Bison, snow thrower, to receive “Arigato (=Thank you)” from its user.