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Why did we develop the snow blower?

Repeated research and development in Japan.

Snow in Japan is completely different from area to area.
We are aiming to produce snow blowers which can proof against any types of snow.

Why do we recommend Bison?

What is a real reason to choose a Bison brand snow blower?

"After-sale service" is an important product.

Snow blowers need maintenance and repairs. That is why after-sale service is important.

Bison 7

Retail price ¥184,000-

Bison 11

Retail price ¥230,000-

Bison Japan is engaged in research and development as well as manufacturing "Bison" brand snow blowers.
We are aiming to make products to make life comfortable in snowfall areas even just a little.

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Bison Japan
Azaoouramae,Zinguuzi,Daisenshi, Akita, 019-1701

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